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 © Vic Winter, ICSTARS Ranch, Northwest of Warrensburg, Missouri, USA - Dec. 14, 2006
The Northern Lights made a brief appearance over the ICSTARS Ranch located northwest of Warrensburg, Missouri early in the evening on December 14, 2006. Starting with a few bright white spikes in the north, northeast, the northern sky quickly was turned deep green near the horizon and bright columns of red and purple rose and fell under Polaris.
© Ragnar Johnskas, Ringsaker, NORWAY. - Dec. 15, 2006
© Ragnar Johnskas, Ringsaker, NORWAY. - Dec. 15, 2006
It was a fantastic night for watching aurora, with beautiful shapes and patterns. At some time it was pulsating.
© Vesa Särkelä, Kemijärvi, Finland - Dec. 8, 2006
© Vesa Särkelä, Kemijärvi, Finland - Dec. 8, 2006
Full moon painting the ground and aurora coloring the sky.
©  Stan Richard, Saylorville Lake north of Des Moines, IA - Dec. 14, 2006
A beautiful display last evening, lots of movement and pulsations, nice flowing curtains and some beautiful red beams, faded out after about 1.5 hrs.
 © Albert Jakobsson, Nesjavellir, outside Reykjavik, Iceland - Dec. 14, 2006
Clear sky and extremely bright auroras outside Reykjavik put on a show.
Intense green and pink auroras covering all of the sky during peak activity. Especially early in the evening there were also red and blue aurora, although mostly invisible to the naked eye.
Skies cleared out for the most part in Scottsbluff, NE on Thursday night to help see a descent display of the Northern Lights. The first set of aurora photos were taken about 20 miles north of Scottsbluff, NE (around 9:30pm MT). The second set of aurora photos were taken between 11pm - 1:30am MT, around Scottsbluff National Monument. The colors consisted of a green glow along the horizon with a redish/purplish glow above with streaks shooting upwards. For a while the aurora subsided but then it started up again with some nice focused streaks upward. Finally, auroras in Nebraska again!
 © Bernd Kaifler, Tromso, Norway - Dec. 14, 2006
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NASA Aurora Borealis Gallery
December 2006 Gallery
Night of the Northern Lights
Northern Scotland - 25th February 2014

Published on Mar 6, 2014
On 25th February 2014 Sun produced X4.9 flare which on 27th February caused G2 (KP 6) geomagnetic storm on Earth. It was the brightest aurora display so far during this solar maximum which I could witness with auroral displays overhead in the far north of Scotland. This short movie illustrates what has been seen from latitude 58.3 degrees north.

Real Time Video of Aurora Borealis
Garšar Ólafsson
Iceland- 27th August 2015

Published on Aug 27, 2015
Real time video of extremely strong Aurora Borealis in Iceland 27 August 2015, shot with Sony a7s and Sony 24-70..
Garšar Ólafsson Photography

Aurora Borealis in Iceland
Garšar Ólafsson

Iceland- Mar 3, 2014


Published on Mar 3, 2014
A Time lapse video of the Northern Lights / Aurora borealis in Iceland, visit my website for more videos and images.
Garšar Ólafson Photography
Extreme Aurora Storm (Real Time HD)
Garšar Ólafsson

Iceland - Sep 12, 2015


Published on Sep 12, 2015
Captured this extremely active aurora borealis storm in Iceland on 11.sept 2015, what a show! Shot with Sony a7s on F 1,4
Garšar Ólafson Photography
Garšar Ólafsson

Iceland - Dec 2015


Published on Dec, 2015
My latest film from Iceland Kuldi. Glacier beach footage shot with Dji Ronin M Time-Lapse footage shot on Sony A7s…
Garšar Ólafson Photography
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