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Sudden Forest Collapse Shocks Nepalese Villagers 
Map: Earthweek
Some villagers looked at the massive and sudden forest collapse as an ominous sign.

Villagers in western Nepal’s Banke district say that nearly 3,000 trees in a single forest fell over within a 10-minute period, according to a report on the London-based eKantipur Web site.

Initial reports said there were no strong winds at the time of the collapses on Sept. 8, leading to speculations that the trees were knocked down by a supernatural force.

Mystified residents said that the local District Forest Office (DFO) appeared to be taking no action to determine what caused the phenomenon.

But a subsequent report said that a DFO official determined that a sudden whirlwind was responsible for the tree collapses in the Shrikrishna community forest.

Gopal Chaudhary, who said he was grazing his cattle near the forest when the trees fell, was quoted by eKantipur as also saying that a “strong gale” uprooted the trees.

SOURCE: Earthweek

 3,000 Trees Fall Mysteriously in West Nepal

2008-09-11 14:26:59

KATHMANDU, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- In what locals believe to be the handiwork of some supernatural power, nearly 3,000 trees at a local community forest in Banke district in mid-western Nepal collapsed in a matter of 10 minutes, reported on Thursday.

According to the website, locals have been completely baffled as the trees at the Shrikrishna Community Forest, some 360 km westof Kathmandu, fell in quick succession last Monday.

According to the locals, the land in the area has deep cracks. "There was neither a gale nor a storm during that day," said Tilak Bahadur Chand, a local.

Unable to explain the incident, people have resorted to supernatural theories. The open-mouthed locals have begun saying that the incident is ominous and they are now fearful something bad might happen soon.

    "It is a bad omen," said another local. News about the incident spread quickly and every day people from the surrounding areas in huge numbers are visiting the site of the mystery. And they are offering different explanations -- many see in it the hand of some supernatural power.

    Locals said they immediately apprised the District Forest Office (DFO) about the incident. They allege that the DFO has become a mere spectator, taking no initiative to find out the truth.

However, Hemlal Aryal, a forest official, said that they would soon visit the site to find out what is behind the incident.

SOURCE: Xinhaunet

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Tonal Forest, Nepal In Helambu, about two days' walk from Kathmandu
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Ewok Forest
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