Pegasus Research Consortium

Pegasus Research Consortium

----------------------Our Mission--------------------------

We are a group dedicated to research and development of alternate energy systems and alternate propulsion systems for mankind's continued growth into the future.

---------------------What Do We Do?------------------------

Projects and project phases are ranked by feasibility of cost and proven methods. Phases are categorized by theory, engineering, and prototype construction models. Studies for the need of these emerging technologies and proposals for future funding will be included in the first phase of each project. Social, political, and economic impact studies will be completed in the second phase of each project. Marketing studies will be included in the final phases.

--------------------Why Are We Doing This?-----------------

The complexity of these projects is necessary in order to deliver a complete briefing for visiting venture capitalists, investors, firms, institutions, and their affiliates. Pegasus Research Consortium acts as a clearing house for overlooked and emerging technologies as well as a generator of emerging technologies.

-----------------------How Can I Help?---------------------

Pegasus Research Consortium's structure is currently non-profit status and is open to all serious individuals, companies, and other organizations who wish to contribute to ongoing research and development.

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