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Antarctica Connection: What's Going on in Antarctica?

Also added any articles related to global melting of ice flows
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Alternative Energy Sources and Applications

Alternate Energy Articles:

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Alternate Fuel Projects:

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These articles are added sporadically when something very interesting comes up. Time does not allow us to update this constantly as most news articles are directly placed in relevant areas, but some warrant an extra look.
  • July 30, 2008-07-30 ~ NASA Phoenix Spacecraft Confirms Martian Water, Mission Extended Phoenix Home Page
  • 2007-06-08 ~ MIT's 'WiTricity' Makes Power Cords Obsolete. The MIT researchers who developed the "WiTricity" wireless power technology haven't set their sights on global broadcast power just yet, but the team is already envisioning wirelessly transmitting power to laptops or cell phones across an office or inside a house. Because the power stream can be consistent, the devices would not even need batteries. Article
  • 2007-04-09 ~ Physicist needs $20,000 for time-travel experiment. Without funding, lab space will be lost. The Seattle scientist who wants to test a controversial prediction from quantum theory that says light particles can go backward in time is, himself, running out of time. It's not a wormhole or warp in the space-time continuum. The problem is more mundane -- a black hole in the time-and-money continuum spawned by today's  increasingly risk-averse, "performance-based" approach to funding research. "I guess you could say we're now living on borrowed time," wryly joked John Cramer, a physicist at the University of Washington. "All we need to keep going is maybe $20,000, but nobody seems that interested in funding this project." READ MORE
  • 2006-12-28 ~ Pegasus welcomes a new team member to the fold, Robert William Jackson. Robert hold several patents on Solar and other Electrical Energy device patents and has several more pending approval. He is on both the JLN Lab's and Pegasus Group's discussion boards. He is also currently working on a Laser Propulsion System. His work and patents can be reviewed here at Pegasus: Works of Robert W Jackson
  • 2006-10-01 ~ United Nuclear's Hydrogen Project in Jeopardy. The United States CPSC has initiated criminal legal action against us and other chemical suppliers. In short, the CPSC would like to ban the public from all access to chemicals. This would mean an end to Chemistry as a hobby, as well as all personal research and other endeavors involving chemicals of any sort.  Ed; This article is a must read for all scientific experimenters... SOURCE - [Dead Link] - [Wayback machine]
  • 2006-10-01 ~ Faraday Laboratory Ltd of Russia FUEL LESS POWER GENERATORS "AKOIL" This type of power generator is self running autonomous device. It is over unity system with closed loop mode of operation. The hardware based on special electromagnetic transformators. Our company is official dealer of AKOIL, Russian production company. You can order your 100KW or more powerful electrogenerator now. Ed; Looks like the Russians have beat us to it again... SOURCE - [Dead Link] - [Wayback machine]
  • 2006-05-10 ~ $10M Prize for Hydrogen Fuel Technology WASHINGTON (AP) -- Scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs will be able to vie for a grand prize of $10 million, and smaller prizes reaching millions of dollars, under House-passed legislation to encourage research into hydrogen as an alternative fuel. SOURCE - [Dead Link] - [Wayback machine]
  • X-Squared Radio: X2 Radio Online- Airs Every Sunday Night 6:00 - 9:00 PM ET Editors Note: This program has interviews with many of the key people and topics that Pegasus Research Consortium is all about. Listen to what the real people are saying and get the information first hand. X2 Radio Online Archive - [Dead Link]
Magnetized Beamed Plasma Propulsion (MagBeam)

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  • Consciousness Creates Reality - Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual
  • Physics - A Collection of Interesting Papers - by Robert Neil Boyd (OL)
  • Physicist needs $20,000 for time-travel experiment
  • Quantum Teleportation - IBM  (OL)
  • Solar System is Moving into a New Energy "Zone" - Dr. Dmitriev
  • Thermodynamics - T-ray Energy Mover - Paul Lowrance (OL)

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    This section will also include the rest of the solar system and contains fasinating glimpses of the planetary bodies in our solar system and both natural anomalies of interest as well as unexplainable enigmas.

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