The Portal on the Edge of Forever
Image Credit: 12.21.12

This view makes it very easy to imagine distant planets and inspiring adventures

"Since 1994 I have been making art that is based on shapes recognized for centuries as symbols of wholeness, completeness and continuity. These arcs, circles and spirals predate history and speak to peoples of differing cultures, religions and races. My involvement with these forms has persisted through pieces that are both indoor and outdoor works." - Artist and Sculpture Bill Burgess

This location was first brought to our attention by 12.21.12, a member at You can join in the discussion thread here...

Stargate in America The Beautifil Park?
Image Courtesy Bev's Colorado Garden {Click image for Larger View}

No it is NOT a Stargate... it's a Fountain

It's located in America the Beautiful Park, in Pike's Peak area of Colorado. The highlight of the park is a $1.6m fountain named for the wife of Spencer Penrose, one-time owner of The Broadmoor. Funds were provided by a philanthropic organization, donations, city taxes and state grant money.

While it may not BE a Stargate... there is no question on the similarity in the design concept, including chevron shaped stones and a 'curtain' of water where the Event Horizon would be...

Spencer Penrose Fountain
"Silence is Golden"
Image Courtesy Bev's Colorado Garden {Click image for Larger Original View}

The park was named because of the view of Pikes Peak where Kathryn Lee Bates wrote America The Beautiful.

The Ring frames Pike's Peak and revolves on its base... The image above has been altered as a favor to have a place of peace... the original image can be seen by clicking above. I left the lone attendant in for scale... perhaps he is seeking the activation buttons.

Obelisks at Night

America the Beautiful Park is considered a prime location for UFO landings.

Because of the it's ancient spires (seen as a primitive gift from space travelers long ago) and the Stargate, (recently removed from inside Cheyenne Mountain and placed here), extraterrestrial beings will find this park an ideal landing and meeting point.  There is plenty of grassy area to safely land and park your flying saucer, a wading pond to freshen up in after your long journey,  and close proximity to downtown shopping. You'll just love this park!

WARNING: Make sure to secure your saucer when leaving it in the park, as crime rates have recently risen and transients/homeless frequent this area.



The Ship
126 Cimino Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, USA

The above image is a composite made of a google Earth image of the park. In the original the 'wing' on one side is not complete, but taking a mirror image you get a very interesting result. The twin obelisks are at the 'nose' and the 'gate' is where the main engine would be...  very interesting design indeed...If not functional, they sure are sending a message...

The Obelisk
Image Credit: 12.21.12
126 Cimino Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, USA
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