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The Military Use of RV, Stargate and the CIA FOIA documents.

Stargate is the collective name for advanced psychic functioning or Remote viewing experiments and programs that were undertaken for twenty years to create a trainable, repeatable and if at all possible, accurate method of psychic spying or information gathering.

Worried by the expansion of Russian research into physic functioning in the late 1960's and early 70's, the American intelligence services took the decision to explore psychic functioning. SRI (Stanford Research institute) were contacted and contracted and the rest is now history!

From 1972 - to its disclosure in 1995 the American Intelligence and military machines used and expanded forms of ESP or psychic functioning for intelligence gathering purposes. For over twenty years this program under the code names of;
Scannate, Gondola wish, Sun streak, Centre lane, Grill Flame, & Stargate - the collective name by which the entire program is generally now known.

The agencies involved in this twenty year and $20 M program include a huge assortment of spaghetti soup name agencies like: FBI, CIA, DIA, assorted military and government departments and agencies, many leading science labs and probably many others with names that cant be mentioned by a few select individuals. 

Remote viewing | the players

As with anything RV has it's movers & shakers, the people that are a major part of the subject. Below are some of RV's prominent players from the early days of SRI through to the Military Programs and beyond..

Hal Puthoff
Russell Targ
Edwin May
Ingo Swann
Pat price

Military Viewers/Participants
Paul Smith
Joseph McMoneagle
Lyn Buchanan
David Moorehouse
Ed Dames

Courtney Brown
Glenn Wheaton
Dick Allgire
Angela Thompson Smith 


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Penetration - by Ingo Swann Source
Copyright 1998 by Ingo Swann. 
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The Ingo Swann 1973 Remote Viewing probe of the planet Jupiter
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