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Of all of the visionaries and seers who claim to have seen visions of the world before the Flood, Edgar Cayce, famous seer and mystic, stands head and shoulders above all. Cayce claimed to see through the eyes of his subjects into their past lives, many of whom apparently had had past lives in Atlantis. And in many of these visions, Cayce described television as one of the technologies that was a part of the antediluvian world:

In city of Peos in Atlantis ? among people who gained understanding of application of nightside of life or negative influences in the Earth's spheres, of those who gave much understanding to the manner of sound, voice and picture and such to peoples of that period.... In Poseidia the entity dwelt among those that had charge of the storage of the motivative forces from the great crystals that so condensed the lights, the forms of the activities, as to guide the ships in the sea and in the air and in conveniences of the body as television and recording voice.7 

So not only did the antediluvian Egyptians (and Atlanteans) have radio, they also had television. Moreover, according to Cayce, they were able to transmit both radio, television and even power to various craft through the airwaves. Apparently it had to do with the same crystal technology that was used for radio transmission. So, in effect, the Great Pyramid was not only a huge power plant, but it was also a gigantic radio/TV broadcast tower.


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