Abydos - Abtu or Abdju -The City of the Djed
(Refer to Abzu - The Sumerian Gate)

This hieroglyph in the Temple of Seti I at Abydos which  shows apparent helicopters, and submarines,  are perhaps  where an inscription has been written  more than once. As the plaster fell away, it looks like modern craft.

Wall of Kings - Abydos

El 'Araba el Madfuna - The Osirian at Abydos

On the west bank of the Nile, 90 miles (145 km) north of Luxor, lies the Temple of Abydos near the small village of El 'Araba el Madfuna.  The Temple dates to around 3150 BC. This area, sacred to Osiris, was a  powerful location to those who believed in the next world. The ancient Egyptians said that at sunset, the area looked like a golden staircase leading to the afterlife.

It was here that Osiris, after being killed by his brother Seth, returned to power. Seth had killed Osiris and scattered the pieces of his body all over Egypt. Osiris' wife and sister, Isis, gathered the pieces and put them back together, thus restoring life to her husband. It was said that Abydos was where the final piece, his head, was buried, and so it was here that Osiris was brought back to life to become the judge of the dead and lord of the netherworld.

The Raising of the Djed 
by Moira Timms

The Djed is a pillar, a type of the World Tree, representing stability, continuity, and regeneration. The Festival of The Raising of the Djed dates back more than 5,000 years to predynastic times--as does the Egyptian Book of the Dead which identifies the Djed as both the backbone of Osiris and the support and backbone of the universe. The Djed, however, is more than just an object; it is a mythic complex that existed long before Osiris emerged from the dark realm of the collective unconscious. 

Source - The Osirian at Abydos

Abydos - Strange Devices
Berger Foundation - Abydos Display
 The second hypostyle hall: Temple of Seti II
Seti receiving life symbols
This is a very strange looking device being handed over. Much more detailed and totally different look than the usual pictures of the life symbol...Perhaps a Key to the Stargate?
Berger Foundation - Abydos Display
 The Second Hypostyle Hall: Djed Pillar, Aegis of Osiris

Take a room by room tour of the Temple of Seti II at Abydos

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