The Secrets of the Universe
A Study of Sylphs
Ken Adachi Copyright 2008
Ken Adachi Copyright 2008

Here is a closeup of the region of cloud on the upper right. Following the next image is a description from from Ken Adachi at giving a very interesting explanation of the phenomenon we are seeing. It is important to note that many people do have the ability to see these 'entities' without difficulty, and others spot them once they are pointed out and highlighted.

Yet most people see 'nothing but blurry images'. If you look at these images long enough you will see what we see. Once this happens you will be spotting them easier in the future.

It is also important to note that these appear more when the image is enlarged and enhanced, but whether you attribute this to pareidolia or just a function of over pixelation, the fact remains that these things ARE there, and we have shown before that all people see the same thing once they see it, and not just 'what they want to see'.

In the images below I have created a color set, because many people view colors differently and some of the 'entities' or 'layers' stand out better in other colors. At the end I have highlighed several examples to show what we are talking about, but look at the other images first on your own...

Version One Carmen
Version Two Olive
Version Three Green
Version Four Blue

For the purpose of our study on this page I will post the comments from Ken regarding the Sylphs as we deal with the Chemtaril issue elsewhere... though the rest of the article and information is certainly worth checking as well.

From Ken Adachi...

There are actually two important stories being presented here. One is the rapid transformation/transmutation of chemtrails by Sylphs and the second is the amazing variety and volume of etheric images that manifest into third dimensional visibility within Sylph forms.

This is a mind boggling phenomenon that we are witnessing here.

Realize that these photographs are revealing astral entities, which normally reside in the fourth dimension, bleeding through into the third dimension encased within these cloud forms that we are labeling as "Sylphs." I was amazed a few years ago when "DB", also known as 'cbswork', would publish photos taken around his home revealing tree elementals and other etheric entities manifesting into semi-transparent visibility among his trees and backyard vegetation. I never imagined that I would be cropping out etheric images of my own from photographs of Sylphs and transmuted cloud banks.

I again remind readers that Barbara Crouse Brown of was my inspiration for using Photoshop in the first place. The trick is to sufficiently magnify and then contrast adjust these photos, so that the etheric images can be more readily seen. Anybody can do this if you have Photoshop installed on your computer.

I'll mark the time that I took each photo below so you can get an idea just how rapidly the 'takeover' process occurred. Photo 1 shows the exact scene that I saw while looking through the view finder. Photo 1B is the same photo but with "Auto Level" from Photoshop applied. Auto Level shifts the contrast differential to a sharper range which causes many elements, barely seen in the untouched photo, to stand out much more clearly-as you can seen from the photos below. You'll notice I've labeled a stand alone Sylph, a short chemtrail, and a larger bank of transmuted clouds which have now themselves assumed Sylph forms. You can see what I call a tiger's head in the upper right section, while a horse's head is located at the lower left. There's another large etheric form manifesting just below the tiger's face, but I have no idea what to call it. The tiger head Sylph is easier to see when enlarged, rotated , and contrast adjusted to bring out the detail as seen in Photo 2.

In Photo 2B, I've circled only three of what appears to be dozens of etheric faces which make up the tiger's head. I enlarged and contrast adjusted each of the circled faces seen below Photo 2B. I'm seeing this characteristic in all of the etheric images I've been isolating. You have images, within images, within images. Jane Tripp told me she noticed the same thing when I talked to her on the phone a year or two ago.

Source: Ken Adachi at

Version Five Highlighted Faces
Here are several of the better (easier to see) faces in the image being studied. Below is one singled out by Ken and a follow up by Pegasus...
Ken Adachi Copyright 2008

In the crop of the face above (taken from the lowest red one in the highlight) we have a very detailed 'Troll' or 'Demon'. The pupil and iris in the eye, eyebrows, nose with warts, lips and teeth are easily recognized


Here we have outlined the 'Troll' and the 'Dog' in the upper right. If you rotate this image to the right 45 degrees you see the face of an old man with long mustache


More from Ken... The etheric images:

You need to study these photos carefully and give your mind a chance to "lock" onto the image being described. If you don't see it at first, just wait and keep looking. It will "pop" into view and then you will have no trouble recognizing what I'm describing.

#1 crop includes more than one face: the upright human face looking straight ahead is more dominant, but there is an additional human face in profile intruding from the right and yet another long nosed creature (or two) with large round eyes intruding from above and partially bleeding into the forehead of the profile face. It's amazing that the skin color tone seems to remain faithful to the human or animal creature manifesting. Mind you, these faces are being extracted from what- on the surface- appear to be white clouds.

#2 crop [the crop used above] is another case of images superimposed within images. Initially, I saw the profile of a hooked nose man in need of a haircut, but as I looked at his "hair" more closely, I could see a cartoonish brown dog head just above the left ear. I then saw another profile head (with a helmet) facing to the rear at the back part of the hook nose man's hair. There's yet another small, brown looking face staring at you from the "neck" area.

#3 crop At first, you see the left profile of a human face with dark circled eyes, but as you look at the top of his head more closely, you will see 4 or 5 smaller head images on top of his hair. Also, on the cheek, you see a perfectly circular whitish cartoon face staring back at you. There's another semi-transparent human face bleeding through on the right side of the circular white face.

Source: Ken Adachi at

What the hell is this? Ghost/Ufo?
Credit: Anthony33

Posted by ANTHONY33, on October 21, 2008 at ATS Post ID 5179494

I just tock this photo outside the back of my house just now. It is a clear night out, no clouds, no smoke here in Oxford UK. It gave me the creeps as I only saw it when I loaded it on the PC. I wasn't trying to picture anything in particular, I just got the urge to take photos of the dark sky.
Any ideas as to what it might be?

Will try and get more....
Wow! This is Creepy. Here is some of the other shots I just tock....

Credit: Enhanced by Pegasus

Posted by SubSpecies, on October 21, 2008 at ATS Post ID 5180487

reply to post by zorgon
There is more to this than smoke and mirrors. I have a number of similar photos and the shapes are very definite. Many the shape of animals.

reply to post by ANTHONY33
Good point.... they often show up when you are actively looking for them or if they are studying you for some reason.

reply to post by ANTHONY33
Thanks. Here is another plasma image:

Stanley Deer
Credit: by SubSpecies
The Other Face on Mars
Mars Global Surveyor
The Second "Face" on Mars
Winding Valley in Libya Montes
MOC Image M02-03051 
Jaba the Hut on Mars
Credit: by Phage - ATS Member
"The Butler" on the Moon
Credit: by Zorgon
Copernicus Crater Lunar Orbiter LO-V-155
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