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Bucegi Mountains, Romania

From Wallachian, a member of ATS

This is from Bucegi Mountains in Romania.
About these mountains there are a lot of rumours going on, but it's almost impossible to find reliable information. But anyways, they're supposed to be the sacred mountains (Kogaionon) of the Thracian pre-roman population, and also to be a major energetical center. Here's a thread about the mountains. I didn't read it yet but maybe there's some information in there.
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The Sphinx:

The legendary Sphinx of the Bucegi Mountains (2200 m altitude) is a rock shaped by wind and other natural phenomenon as man's head.

It is considered to represent a spiritually powerful place and a symbol of the spirit of the Dacians, ancestors of the Romanian people.

SOURCE: The Bucegi Mountains Discovery - (Archived Cosmic)
August 2003: a discovery that could change the world was made

Elephant Rock
Shilin Rock Forest
Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, China

Photo Credit: dmuel
The Grey Man of the Merrick
Galloway Hills, Scotland

Credit: Douglas E Wilcox

The 'Mighty' Merrick is the highest mountain in southern Scotland and one of the most popular with hillwalkers. There are many routes to the 843 metre summit, and we believe our trek via the Buchan is worth the extra effort. The views along the entire Buchan and Rig of Loch Enoch are simply wonderful. Loch's Valley, Neldricken and Enoch take on a new dimension whilst the views from the summit of the Merrick are as distant as they are spectacular.

From here we traverse northwards following the ridge line via the Rig of Loch Enoch. Before we reach Loch Enoch we leave the ridge and head for the famous 'Grey man of the Merrick' a rocky outcrop clearly resembling the stoney face of an old man. We rest here and enjoy lunch. - SOURCE

Dunnet Head
Looking out to sea

"Is this the face of Dunnet Head?" asks Drew Guttridge, who took this photo while walking along the cliff top. "Dunnet Head," he writes, "is the most northerly tip of the British mainland and this is at the most northerly tip of the tip. The face appears to be gazing out over the Pentland Firth towards the Orkneys, keeping a wary eye on the passing ships below." - SOURCE

"Face Rock"
Uyak Inlet, Kodiak Island, Alaska

Photo Credit: Copyright © 2004, P. Lutus

What I call "Face Rock", 57° 23.959' North, 153° 50.904' West, West shore of Uyak Inlet, Kodiak Island.

The Devil's Head
North Carolina

The Devil's Head of North Carolina, above Rocky Broad River.

The Great Stone Face
Pennington Gap, Virginia

Credit: Sarah W.

 Credit: Sarah W.

"The Great Stone Face," or "Stoneface" is located in Pennington Gap, Virginia. It is said to mark the entrance to Cherokee holy ground.

The Old Man in the Mountain
New Hampshire

Credit: Ernest Blais, Berlin, NH

 Credit: Ernest Blais, Berlin, NH

The Old Man of the Mountain has several names including "The Profile", "The Great Stone Face", "The Old Man," and "The Old Man of the Mountains".

The Profile is composed of Conway red granite and is an illusion formed by five ledges, that when lined up correctly give the appearance of an old man with an easterly gaze, clearly distinct and visible from only a very small space near Profile Lake. When viewed from other locations in Franconia Notch, the same five ledges have a very rough and ragged appearance, and there is no suggestion of The Profile. - Source

Native Chieftain
Medicine Hat, Alberta

"People find strange things on the satellite views for Google Maps and Earth, but a discovery posted on Digg caught my attention.  The huge first nations face found near Medicine Hat Alberta is quite the coincidence considering "Medicine Hat" comes from aboriginal roots." - Garett Rogers

"It looks pretty real, even a lot more realistic than the face on Mars IMO. It's also pretty big, I used the measure tool in Google Earth to measure the size of the Native American's forehead and its about 225 meters (0.14 miles) long. " - Thomas De Maesschalck

Go to Google Maps and type in the coordinates: 50° 0'38.20"N 110° 6'48.32"W 

Badlands Guardian

The Badlands Guardian is a geomorphological feature located at 50°00'38.20" N, 110°06'48.32" W near Medicine Hat in the south east corner of Alberta, Canada. Viewed from the air, the feature bears a strong resemblance to a human head wearing a full native American headdress. It also appears to be wearing earphones.

The head is a drainage feature created through erosion of soft, clay-rich soil by the action of wind and water . The arid badlands are typified by infrequent but intense rain-showers, sparse vegetation and soft sediments. The 'head' may have been created during a short period of fast erosion immediately following intense rainfall. The apparent earphones are a road and an oil well, which has been in place only a few years, and will likely become invisible once the well falls into disuse and its superficial features are eroded. The feature is best viewed from Google Maps (satellite view). The lighting is ideal for bringing out the apparent facial features. Although the image appears to be a positive feature, it is actually a negative feature (a valley).

Originally discovered by Lynn Hickox (screen name "Supergranny" on Google Earth), suitable names were canvassed by CBC Radio One program As It Happen]. Out of 50 names submitted, seven were suggested to the Cypress County Council. They altered the suggested 'Guardian of the Badlands' to become Badlands Guardian.

From Wikipedia

Mystery of Mountain Girnar
Junagadh - Gujarat, India

Credit: Paavan Solanki

Mystery of Mountain Girnar - Junagadh - Gujarat, India - Please See this picture Carefully, You are find Face Human Face in the Girnar Pilgrims. This Mountain Face you are only watching from Bhavnath Temple situated from foothill of Girnar. Note: This image has been rotated 90 degrees left.

Face of Lord Shiva, Emerging from Mountain Girnar

Bhavnath Taleti of Girnar, DeshGujarat

This photograph of mount Girnar is very famous in Saurashtra. Specialty of this photograph is an identical horizontal side face of Lord Shiva that emerges in the scene of mountain Girnar.

At first look this photograph may seem like just another photograph of just another mountain. But if you look properly you would be amazed to notice a horizontal side face like shape of the mountain Girnar. Face that resembles with a face of yogi that is popularly worshiped as Girnari Maharaj; a form of Lord Shiva in this area of Saurashtra.

Devotees believe this face as Lord Shiva’s face. Photograph above is real and without trick. Same photograph is presented vertically below in which you will be able to clearly notice a side face like shape.


Credit: Jai Guru Datta

Rising out of the plains of west-central India, in the state of Gujarat, stands Mount Girnar, one of India's three most sacred mountains. Along with Mt. Kailash in the north (in Ladakh) and Arunachala in the south (in Tiruvanamalai), Mount Girnar is the ancient mountain mentioned in the Vedas as Revacek.

    Though it gives every appearance of being a fortress, with its massive rock face, this 4000' edifice is hollow. For within its granite outer shell is a honeycomb of caves and conference rooms where the Siddhas-those great perfected beings who guard and guide each of the spiritual traditions and paths of our planet-hold council about yoga and the future of humanity.

    It is possible to see into its internal purpose, but not with external eyes.
So it is that this meta- and multi-religious sanctuary-whose outline clearly has assumed the form of a Vedic sage-rises above Girnar Sadhana Ashram, founded by Maharishi Shri Punitachariji ('Bapu').

    And how appropriate, for 'Bapu' has given his life to sadhana and the HARI OM TATSAT JAI GURU DATTA mahamantra, which is meant for those of all religions, indeed, for the benefit of all humanity.

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