The Enigmas on Earth
The Guardian Spirits
Zeus Overlooking Spileo in Grevena, Greece

Portitsa with Stone Bridge and the Cave of Grevena

Bridge of Portitsa Gorge, Greece - Image Source

"Reclining Feline"
Arches National Park, Moab. Utah

The Caves of Arkansas
Onyx Cave
Eureka Springs, AR

The Lion's Head: Credit: Mike Deibel

"The Onyx cave is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This is a tour you take on your own. You have head phones that tell you about the cave. (update) We went to this cave again with a friend and it is not to bad. We stayed in there a lot longer and there are a lot of interesting things in the cave. So if you are in the area check this cave out." - Mike Deibel

Indian Head

 Credit: Ranger Rick magazine (National Wildlife Federation) / Leen van der Slik - Earth Scenes

No location information found at this time... Somewhere in Colorado

Victoria Crater, Mars

Though this one is on Mars, we included it as a comparison to the previous "Indian Head"

Stone Soldier
Standing Guard off the A9

This stone head was sent in by Douglas Beck of Edinburgh, who writes: "The soldier's profile can be clearly seen in a large gully by the side of the A9 (on the lefthand side when heading south) about 17 miles [27km] south of Inverness near the village of Slochd. We always called it the 'German Soldier', but I'm sure there is a local name for it. Although it looks 100 per cent natural to me, I have a vague memory of someone once telling me that German POWs were encamped in the area during the First World War, and that they did it while working on roadbuilding projects. Hmm..." - SOURCE

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