Enigmas on Earth
Rock Formations
Balancing Rock
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Photo: Deb Torby

Devil's Postpile National Monument
Reds Meadow Valley, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
California, United States

Photo: Kirkendall

Towering columns of basalt, an igneous rock, make up the unusual formation known as the Devils Postpile, part of a national monument in east-central California. It formed within the last 100,000 years, when a lava flow filled a valley floor and then very slowly cooled and cracked into many-sided columns. Glaciers later eroded most of the hardened lava, revealing the sides of the remaining columns.

Photo: Sagarmatha Studios

Photo: Cooper

Park: Devils Postpile NM Photographer: Anderson, Ralph H.
Description: Closeup of Devil's Postpile with man to show scale. Sept. 12, 1939.
National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection
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