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What Happened to the Water on Mars?
The Evidence for Water On Mars
Part Four: A New Look at an Old Face
The Famous "Face" on Mars
"Martian Face"
There are literally hundreds of UFO website out there that still use the blurry low resolution photo taken from orbit in 1976 Viking view as "evidence" of Aliens on Mars. Tricks of lights and shadow often make this optical effect and its very common. You can look at almost any image of rock formations and find "faces"

Below is another image which NASA scientists have labeled "Roosevelt" in referal to Mt Rushmore type edifaces. {It seems NASA likes to feed the community with such terms, or it is simply human nature to put names to things in a "looks like" fashion.

Image Courtesy Nasa/JPL - Click Image for full size picture

There is also this strange looking creature that NASA has labeled "Wopmay"

Image Courtesy Nasa/JPL
However, with recent high resolutions available, the "face" soon reveals its true nature. The interesting thing is that most people other than the scientists at NASA have overlooked a very important significance of this picture. Simply stated, for there to have ever been life of any kind on Mars, there must have been water at one time, and lots of water...

So Nasa, as is evident by the previous four pages has been avidly seeking evidence of that water... and now that they have actual proof that there was water there...{erosion features, salt beds, "blueberries"}... it leads to the next question...

Where did all the water go?

Now the "face" Image on Mars {image below} when viewed in High Resolution shows two things very clearly...

One. The fact that the mound was an ISLAND at one time. You can clearly make out the old shoreline... and you can clearly see the radiating silt pattern that is very typical of islands in our oceans on earth, formed as the currents wash the eroded debris away from the shore. Judging by the size of the island, it appears the water was very deep here at one time.

Two. The island appears to have been a volcano. The interesting thing is that while Mt St Helen exploded leaving a chunk of the mountain literally gone, this one has clearly collapsed in on itself. If one really wanted to speculate, I suppose one could make a case for an artifitial "dome" that collapsed over the millenia.

Here is the high resolution image from NASA

Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera
Highest-Resolution View of "Face on Mars"
MGS MOC Release No. MOC2-283, 24 May 2001

Image Courtesy Nasa/JPL - Click Image for full size 1200 x 1200 picture
Viking orbiter images acquired in 1976 showed that one of thousands of buttes, mesas, ridges, and knobs in the transition zone between the cratered uplands of western Arabia Terra and the low, northern plains of Mars looked somewhat like a human face. The feature was subsequently popularized as a potential "alien artifact" in books, tabloids, radio talk shows, television, and even a major motion picture. Given the popularity of this landform, a new high-resolution view was targeted by pointing the spacecraft off-nadir on April 8, 2001. On that date at 20:54 UTC (8:54 p.m., Greenwich time zone), the MGS was rolled 24.8 to the left so that it was looking at the "face" 165 km to the side from a distance of about 450 km. The resulting image has a resolution of about 2 meters (6.6 feet) per pixel. If present on Mars, objects the size of typical passenger jet airplanes would be distinguishable in an image of this scale. An earlier picture obtained in June 2000 was combined with the new, April 2001 image, to produce a stereo ("3-D") view of the western portion of the hill ("3-D" glasses with red for left eye and blue for right eye are needed to view the anaglyph). The large "face" picture, above, covers an area about 3.6 kilometers (2.2 miles) on a side; the 3-D picture is about 1 km (0.62 mi) wide. Sunlight illuminates the images from the left/lower left.

Images Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems
Source; Malin Space Science Systems and the California Institute of Technology

Island on Mars
The above image has been outlined to make it easier to discern the various features of shoreline, continetal shelf and the radiating silt that is at the correct angle all arounf the island. Compare this image to the high resolution image at the link above. Considering the size information provided above in the last paragraph, it would be fairly easy to calculate the approximate depth of the water. But the overall look is clearly and island.

More Faces on Mars
Humanoid Skull on Mars?
Dog Swimming?
The above two clips came from NASA JPL Spirit photos.
Sol 513 Image # 2P171912249EFFAAL4P2425L7M1

See Fossil Evidence on Mars?
There is one photo that is very intriguing. It looks like a field of bone fragments. The link on this page will show the original NASA high resolution Spirit image along side a circled image to point out the important items in the picture. 

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