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Upon the Plains of Cydonia - The Lion Roars
Upon the Plains of Cydonia

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posted on 13-3-2007 @ 11:29 AM (ID:3024848)

"Take a gander at this great Mars pic and tell me what you see... There's the Pharoah's head, a skull to the left of it and WHAT is staring down at the skull? (or is it only me and my astronomer buddy who see something else?)" - Masqua

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Astronomy Picture of the Day
2006 September 26 ID: ap060926

Mars Express: Return to Cydonia
Credit:  G. Neukum (FU Berlin) et al., Mars Express, DLR

Explanation: The unusual stone mesas of the Cydonia region on Mars are quite striking in appearance. Last week, the Mars Express project released a new close-up image of a portion of the Cydonia region on Mars. This new image, taken by the robotic Mars Express spacecraft now orbiting Mars, shows an area about 90 kilometers wide. In the far lower right of the above image, a particularly picturesque mesa can be seen as the upper right of the two mesas visible there. This mesa, when lit from just the right sun angle, can appear similar to a human face and became famous as the Face on Mars in 1976 Viking orbiter images. Better images show it to be just an interesting mesa. Such complex looking landforms in the Cydonia region are thought to be the result of landslides and erosion of the ancient Martian crust. 

Mars Global Surveyor
MOC narrow-angle image M22-00378
Buttes/massifs in Cydonia
"The Pyramid and the Hexagon"

 Credit:  NASA/JPL/ Malin SSS
This is from the area known as "Cydonia Region". In the image below we have traced the visible base lines for the 'Pyramid'. The Hexagon looks like a stadium

Source: Malin Space Systems: M2200378.gif


 Credit:  NASA/JPL/ Malin SSS
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