The Enigmas on Mars 22
What is the True Color on Mars?

 Credit:  NASA/JPL
Spirit Sol 859
The image above taken by Spirit Rover is one taken by NASA and is "Radiometrically Calibrated" This image represents true color on Mars. These images are not generally released to the public yet are not dificult to find. However for the time bring you will have to track them down yourself as we are not ready to hand over this source just yet...

Now I have done feild work in geology for most of my life and the bluish black rocks above and the sand look just like the volcanic Scoria, a type of Basalt in the desert sands here in Nevada... This summer I will go and take some photos of the area so we have a direct comparison.

In the meantime below is a small sample of Scoria or Vesicular Basalt.  You can see the bluish black natural color of this material and it is readily found on Earth as one of the more common lavas...

Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park
Kanab, Utah
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