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Mars Global Surveyor
MOC narrow angle image M11-01782
Sample south polar terrain

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Anomaly on Mars: Weird Object
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Originally posted by internos; A member of ATS Post ID307118

As suggested by some other members, I've decided to open a thread about this find: I don't know if these pics have already been posted here: 



I'm not claiming that there are spaceships there, i'm just curious... 

First Impressions from Page One Posters that say "It looks like a Shuttle"

Tikal "...i'm convinced it's a NASA space shuttle crash site. "
wsamplet "That second picture looks like a space shuttle to me as well."
spikedmilk "I'm glad you say that because the first time I saw this photo, my first impression was that it looked like the shuttle just landed on the surface. Now I know I aint the only one. thanks!"
TKainZero"This one looks nice, and it is undoubtably a X-Wing 

Thill "Might be crazy here but to me they look either like a rocket launcher station (those v2 rockets kind of type) or a big gun ...
NovusOrdoMundi "I think it looks like a rocket launcher or large telescope. Now, the actual size of this thing could very well destroy the credibility of my guesses. But that's just what it looks like to me
Soloist ".... but that is a cool picture, it certainly does look like some giant rocket. And I don't have to squint, stand upside down with one eye open, poking my open eye while shining a light on my screen while someone draws 4 color diagrams to see it."

Skeptic "...the photos are the result of windblown debris."

Originally posted by Tikal a member of ATS Post ID3582794
[reply to post by Lexion Post ID 3581357

No prob,
Seen it on another thread.
"NASA" is the only space company sort of thing I know of.
And I''m convinced because

An exact fit?

Originally posted by internos

Here, in the ancillary data for MOC narrow-angle image M11-01782....

they say: 2,83 Km = 1,76 miles...

So here's a cropped part of the pic with a ruler at the top, in order to try to determine its approx size.
(I hope is correct, but please take it with a grain of salt)  :)

Pegasus Addition:
1 Kilometer = 3,280.84 Feet
2.83 K X 3,280.84 = 9284.78 Feet
Ruler scale has 170 divisions...
9284.78 / 170 = 54.62 Feet
"Shuttle" occupies 9 units on this scale
9 Units X 54.62 = 491.58

Mars Global Surveyor
MOC narrow angle image M11-01782
Added by Pegasus
Images Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Malin Space Systems: M1101782

The area where this anomaly is located is in the South Polar region, so what you are seeing is a field of ice... most likely mainly CO2 Ice....

The black streaks are the geysers mentioned in my last post... zoom in on them and compare them to the collection available here... Geysers on Mars

In the top right corner we see white geysers, a much more rare occurrence.

The 'anomaly' appears to be resting in a hole in the ice. (see below)

Many in the thread have immediately responded that it 'looks like the Space Shuttle'. It does indeed look a lot like the shuttle to be sure... One poster commented that they didn't think the Shuttle could leave Earth orbit...

However there is another one...  one that is not public knowledge... below is a drawing of it... This one is specially outfitted to carry a special cargo vessel between LEO, the moon and Mars...

Below is a side by side comparison of the two....

Before the Skeptics rain down on this... look at these two documents...

Document One:
Excerpts to note:

This is a report of a work in progress...

It is called Aquila. This vehicle can deliver over 50 tons to low Earth orbit from the Kennedy Space Center, using a combination of Space Shuttle and Delta IV Heavy components....

At L-1, three of these once used stages are fitted with landing gear and other elements needed to produce a highly capable Lunar Vehicle and it is refueled from propellants delivered from Earth to place the base and to provide a single visit of a six person crew to aid the robotic operations necessary to produce a fully functional base.

Work continues on the “pay-off” phase; that is, further missions making use of the propellants obtained from the shallow “gravity well” of the Moon. 

A Mars mission departing from L-1 with mass of 686 tons can be placed on the trans Mars
trajectory expending lunar origin propellants and just one of the Lunar Vehicles, requiring an additional 13 Aquila launches. 


The Aquila is built by Star Craft boosters...
Star Craft boosters is owned by Buzz Aldrin

All related info is here... AQUILA

Document Two:

US PATENT 5,092,545 

Method of Delivering Lunar Generated Fluid to Earth Orbit Using an External Tank

Publication number: US5092545
Publication date: 1992-03-03
Applicant: NASA (US)


A method and apparatus are provided for delivering lunar generated fluid to Earth orbit from lunar orbit. Transport takes place in an external tank of a shuttle which has been suitably outfitted in Earth orbit for reusable travel between Earth orbit and a lunar orbit. The outfitting of the external tank includes the adding of an engine, an electrical system, a communication system, a guidance system, an aerobraking device, and a plurality of interconnected fluid storage tanks to the hydrogen and oxygen tanks of the external tank. The external tank is then propelled to lunar orbit the first time using Earth based propellant. In lunar orbit, the storage tanks are filled with the lunar generated fluid with the remainder tank volumes filled with lunar generated liquid oxygen and hydrogen which serve as propellants for returning the tank to Earth orbit where the fluid is off-loaded. The remaining lunar generated oxygen and hydrogen is then sufficient to return the external tank to lunar orbit so that a subsequent cycle of fluid delivery is repeated. A space station in a higher Earth orbit is preferably used to outfit the external tank, and a lunar node in lunar orbit is used to store and transfer the fluid and liquid oxygen and hydrogen to the external tank. The lunar generated fluid is preferably 3He.


Mars Global Surveyor
MOC narrow-angle image M11-01979
Originally posted by mikesingh a member of ATS Post ID3597570

Internos, what happened to that other anomaly you sent me? Hope you got my overlay.  Why don't you post it here? It's pretty interesting too! Let's see what the others have to say!


Originally posted by internos a member of ATS Post ID3597609

Mike, thank you for the reminder. 
I was looking for the caption of the pic and I found it today.

Malin Space Systems: M1101979.html
Malin Space Systems: M1101979.jpg

[Originally posted by mikesingh a member at ATS Post ID3604219

Good find!  Here's what I think it ought to look like... I may be wrong! Lunica and the gang can get to work on this! The perspective needs to be worked out like the previous pic.


Mars Global Surveyor
MOC narrow-angle image M04-02091
[Originally posted by Lunica a member of ATS Post ID3605332

I think you did a fine job here Mike. To bad we totally cannot say what it is. I have looked into some more of this type of MOC images, and never saw something like this. Also not something with straight lines in it. Therefore this find is significant

I have got an example where its perfectly clear what we seeing! 
Of course I guess this is a good example of "I see something in the clouds!!" 
But its just to funny to not post!

Malin Space Systems: M0402091.html
Malin Space Systems: M0402091.gif

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