The Enigmas on Mars 31
Rock Hounding on Mars with Spirit
Spirit Slips on the Mud
Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1042
Image Source: Private Directory #1
Image Source: NASA # 2 2P218868047EFFAS81P2588L2M1
Image Source: Private Directory #3

NASA: SOL 1042 Gallery

Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1048
Image Source: Private Directory #4
Image Source: NASA #5 2P219398580EFFAS81P2590L2M1
Image Source: Private Directory #6

NASA: SOL 1048 Gallery

Image ID Numbers:
  1. LM Sol_1042_2P218868047RADAS81P2588L234567C1
  2. NR Sol_1042_2P218868047EFFAS81P2588L2M1
  3. LM Sol_1042_2P218868047EFFAS81P2588L234567M1
  4. LM Sol_1048_2P219398580RADAS81P2590L234567C1
  5. NR Sol_1048_2P219398580EFFAS81P2590L234567M1
  6. LM Sol_1048_2P219398580EFFAS81P2590L234567M1
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