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More Tracks on Mars

Originally posted by AmatuerSkyWatcher a member of ATS Post ID
Feb 13, 2011

Sorry for necroing this thread, but I think I might have something to add to the original image?

Before I start, I should tell you that I did not use the exact image that Mr Singh used, I got my image from here; PSP_001415_1875 This pic has a better image quality and resolution than the one linked to in the OP.

I should also tell you that I have altered the images you are about to see with photoshop by making the shadows darker and reducing the contrast on the highlights and midtones, making picking things out alot easier. I also increased the resolution before I applied the before mentioned effects, so as to reduce any kind of unwanted artifacts. I have uploaded my .PSP file so that anyone can look at it. I have highlighted the areas of interest with a layer with coloured boxes. I have also included the the original picture, so that you can see I haven't tampered with it in any way, other than bringing out the detail.Here is the PSP.

Lets start with the OP's subject matter to show how much I could get out of the pic by way of comparison, to show that the other pics I'm about to show would be pretty hard to spot normally:


Ok, now I'll present the other images I discovered:
3 interesting sites in pretty close proximity:


I find the "path" of this "boulder" especially interesting: "Uphill boulder"

Other possible tracks?


Now what strikes me as odd, is, if these are indeed boulders, then something recent to this pic being taken had to have caused these boulders to move. I have scowered the image from top to bottom, 5-6 times, and these are the only instances I can find of them. Now considering the terrain is pretty similar throughout the shot, I was expecting to find more similar instances due to whatever caused the others to move. But nothing, nada, zilch! very strange....



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