The Enigmas on Mars 75
Observation Window of a Mars Base or
Giant UFO Found on Mars?

Odd Anomaly on Mars
MOC narrow-angle image M18-00558
Layer and light-toned outcrops in Aram Chaos

CREDIT: Bret Colin Shepperd
This is a closeup of MOC narrow-angle image M18-00558 (bottom center)

Very Clear Object on the Edge of a Cliff

Is it a rock? This is one of the best I have seen in a very long time. There is no mistaking this one for an ordinary rock. The angles and openings suggest a control center viewing platform. It looks like a Flying Saucer a little but the size woul indicate it is more likely a building or outlook for an underground base.  The texture is different from surrounding terrain and there is a reflection on the one edge indicating a shiny surface.

The raw images are available here


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