The Enigmas on the Moon

Welcome to The Living Moon

presented by John Lear and Ron Schmidt
Before proceeding to our presentation it is imperative that you forget all preconceived notions of what you think you know. Enter here with an open mind and be prepared to be amazed. We do not expect all that enter this portal to be convinced that everything we say is true, but take a moment to examine the evidence we provide, and think on it for a spell. We guarantee that you will never look at the old black and white NASA moon the same way again.
For decades you have been shown that the Moon is a dull lifeless world, in fact organizations like the USGS and NASA have even gone out of their way to keep this myth alive with images like the one below...

We will return to this image later as it involves some interesting circumstances. But I am sure that by now most of you know that the Moon does indeed have color.  We are going to present you with two images. The first one is taken by the Galileo Spacecraft on its way to Jupiter... 

The Full Moon in Living Color


Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Galileo Spacecraft

This image and more in Color from the Galileo spacecraft and discussions on the color will be found on the Galileo pages later on. You will find the full size .tiff formats available there. Now the second image was taken by our friend Mike Deegan from the UK. Below is a web compatible image of his Moon Mosaic that has been brightened. The image is a composite of 170 separate images and has been assembled so that you cannot see the separation lines as the images are overlapped. To see the full version without brightness (80% reduction of the original) click on the image below. 

Now you have all seen NASA's best available on the web... at the cost of hundreds of millions to taxpayers to get a shot of the Moon.  I do not doubt NASA has better images available, but they are not on the net. Neither can you find quality images from the big telescopes. We will cover this as well, but just ask yourself for now  "Why not?" In some instances, you can even find better graphic images of the Moon in some space mmorpg games.

Mike took this image with a Skywatcher 250px 10" reflector and a SC1 mode Toucam pro 2 camera. If you would like to tell Mike that this is the best image of the Moon you have seen, email HERE and I will forward it. It is our goal at Pegasus to help Mike get better equipment. 

Warning the big picture is 15 megabytes, but well worth it. 
The 100% image is over 90 megabytes and is not currently available for release for copyright reasons.
The Living Moon
as You Have Never Seen It

Image Credit: Mike Deegan of Mike's Astroimaging

If you would like the large version of the brightened one above it is 18 megs  and available here

Join us now as we seek the truth about 


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