The Enigmas on the Moon
Zeeman Crater

Zeeman Crater
Lat -70 ~ Long 137

Source: US NAVY Clementine Browser

This older anomaly image has been much discussed on the web as evidence of NASA cover up and 'air brushing'. This clip came from the Clementine Version 1.5 Browser, which has since been replaced by the version 2.0. It does not show up in the color images. Since we have no way of seeing what was under this splotch... that was pretty much the end of the discussion, and since there was no info on which crater this was, it ended up on the back burner. 

But in a recent thread about the new China Moon mission, Chang'E-2... a Chinese tabloid posted this image in an article claiming the Chinese had taken images of this area and would expose NASA. The article on the original 'news' site is already gone but the story is covered on ATS on this thread.

China has found something shocking on the Moon?

Zeeman Crater
From Chinese News Tabloid
Originally posted by XenonTX a member of ATS Post ID 9915445


小道消息,爆料了爆料了,路边社消息,嫦娥探月工程发现神秘物体 与NASA发现的一样。说在月亮上发现了不可思议的东西鸟,内部产生了巨大的分歧,国家有关的领导也来看过了,很是TMD的震惊,终于知道米国人害怕的是什么鸟,里面有个重量级别的人物想公开,但是反对的力量很大! 

My translation.

China Communist Central, National Assembly and Chinese Army Committee (pardon on the names) sent congratulation telegraphs over the success of the Chang'e Lunar Mission, and organized a grand celebration function. Wen Jiabao personally attended this function to reveal the photo. (or it may mean to open up the function). Such a grand and high profiled function are not normal and definitely have something behind this event. 

A rumor has it that the Chang'e Lunar Exploration found a mysterious object similiar to what NASA have found. Said to be some unbelievable object. The internal committee had a big disparity over this and those important national leaders have all came and viewed it. It is freaking/fucking astonishing, finally know what the fuck the americans are afraid of. There are important figures who wants to reveal this finding but the forces that oppose this is huge as well. 

( kindly note, bird in chinese/ mandarian relates to cock/dick. Which is similar to saying, " what the fuck that they are afraid of " rather than , "what bird that they are afraid of." )

米国人 - translation would turn this out to be "rice country people" or something. But I summarize it the poster might be typing without editing as it should be 美 "mei" instead of 米 "mi" for americans.

TMD - a short form for a chinese vulgar , an " honorable" way of asking for your mom.

After all this is a sidestory on the news, you can't expect the language to be in proper chinese or without vulgar to be able to run through a translator. 

SOURCE of Report

Zeeman Crater
From Google Moon

So now that this was brought up again I 'reopened' the case. In the ATS thread mentioned above, OmegaLogos (in THIS post) went and looked up the area of the Clementine photo on Google Moon. This now gives us a name for the crater... ZEEMAN CRATER

Well the first thing we see in the Google Moon image is another smudge... But I have never considered Google Moon to be of much value in anomaly hunting... But yet, like the Clementine image, there is another smudged out area.

Zeeman Crater
From Google Moon - Lunar Orbiter Series

Google Moon also has the old Lunar Orbiter Data set online now, taken in 1966-67. Looking at the same crater we see this...


I have not yet identified which Lunar Orbiter took this image so I do not yet have the original image number that this data set was taken from. I wish Mike was still here but maybe ArMaP can help me track it down. But looking on the internet I see there are several Youtube videos on this object already. I took a year off... seems I have some catching up to do. From an article here;

Huge Alien Struction on Dark Side of Moon -

Lunar Orbiter Data Set
2000 Data Set

Zeeman Crater
Huge Alien Structure Revealed
Far Side of the Moon 2010 PHOTOS
Youtube Link

Huge Alien Struction on Dark Side of Moon
Sep 6, 2010

Here is a video which depicts a massive rectangular shaped impression into the dark side of the moon, accompanied with straight raised tier and terraces. This massive structure is situated right next to the Zeeman Crater. Unfortunately, the most recent images we get from NASA have been air brushed, but the original one’s from the 1960′s clearly show this object in this video.

To see both the original and air brushed images go to Google Earth / Moon, and enter these coordinates:

Long: 73° 08′ 30 S  Lat: 145° 40′ 40 W


Strange crater on the Moon !!! Google Earth
Youtube Link

 xxxAlethxxx  |   July 30, 2009

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Configuration : 'Mozaic Lunar Orbiter'
Zeeman Crater - Google Earth - Moon
73°08'30 S ; 145°40'40 W
Article : Etranges structures sur la Lune...


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