The Living Moon
Noel Carboni
Moon Images in Full Color

Image Credit:  Noel Carboni
This image was taken by Noel Carboni and hyper saturated. The stars were also added as this image was created as computer wall paper. You can visit Noel's page here: Astrophotography by Noel Carboni
Click here for larger view without the stars

Note: The Images on this page are Copyright Noel Carboni and reprinted with permission and under license to Pegasus Research Consortium. The Hypersaturated Moon with Stars is available as a screen saver. Please visit Noel's site for the various sizes. Images may be purchased from Noel as Fine Art Prints

Noel Carboni holding one of the Fine Art Prints
The Moon in Hypersaturated Color

Stacked from 15 exposures of 1/5 second at ISO 100 This image is a mosaic of 15 separate and slightly overlapping 8.2 megapixel images from my Canon EOS-20D (unmodified), taken in Raw mode and converted and stitched together in Photoshop CS2. The exposures were each 1/5 second at ISO 100

More info at Noel's Website: Astrophotography by Noel Carboni

The original image that this image was created from is below and is also available as a poster.
So once again we have the Moon as few have imagined it. in...


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