The Artifact Evidence

Istanbul Rocket Ship
Ancient Hittite Spacecraft?

This item has long made the rounds on the Ancient Aliens circuit... looking like a rocket with a cockpit

The Instanbul rocket ship ,currently located in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum in Turkey

There has been much fuss made to debunk this item, pages and pages of everything from being a casting 25 years old to outright hoax. Yet the solution is really so very simple. Just stand it up on it's end and you can see easily what it really is.

A marching  HITTITE Warrior with his traditional cone hat, beard, shield and the typical skirt they wore. Several of them can be seen in this mural below...

Kinda reminds of the Hittite swords illustrated on the walls of Hattusa. Hittite were one of the oldest Indo-European speaking people, inhabiting the Armenian highlands. Wall carvings of warriors of Hatusa. - SOURCE
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