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"UFO" Stones
Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground
Kuznetsk Basin, Siberia, Russia
12 Posted on February 3, 2015 by tim

In one mine, forty meter underground in Kuzbass miner region of Russia the local mine workers have unleashed a few stone discs that are shaped exactly as UFOs you used to see on the photos. Inside there are more photos proving the shape point:

The disc is perfectly round and is roughly 1.2m wide, it weighs approximately 200 kilos.

The thing comes from the open pit  mine in Kuzbass, Russia, 40 meters deep. Previously they found lots of prehistoric bones there, like the tusks of mammoths but those weren't deeper than 20m. So this might be twice as older.

According to them there was couple of the discs but another one was damaged by the excavator.

No comments what are those are haven't been received yet.

Уникальный 4-метровый диск НЛО обнаружили уфологи под Волгоградом
Unique 4-meter drive UFO ufologists found near Volgograd

Translated from Russian

Expedition "Kosmopoisk" led by Vadim Chernobrov went to Zhirnovsky district on 9 September. Just a couple of hours ago, around 8-9 pm September 9 ended the first day of excavation in Medveditskaya ridge Zhirnovsky district in the Volgograd region. Location has long become famous mystical phenomena. It justifies its reputation this time.

Skilled "Kosmopoisk" managed to find a giant, the first-ever 4-meter-high stone disc. Ufologists have no doubt that it is the nature of the finds space.
We managed to find a dozen of these stone disks, he told the "Notepad Volgograd" a famous Russian UFO researcher Vadim Chernobrov. - However, such a unique one. Other diameter of not more than 1 meter. Previously, we have been able to publish the findings of such alien, but the biggest of them, found in Kemerovo region, was a diameter of 2 meters.

Stone UFO disc really made waves. View it gathered all the locals. By the way, to find a space object failed precisely because one of them. A certain man, and told the Vadim Chernobrov that in the area there is something mystical. Note that the drive has already passed the examination. Ufology expected to know the age of the findings and the presence of a metallic inclusions. The results were quite controversial. By geoporodam on the subject, its age is about a million years. If we start from animal formations on it, it is enough disk "fresh". The metallic inclusions therein, in particular tungsten were found.

Examinations will continue. Now the disc is in Zhirnovsky museum. Work on the ground will be resumed tomorrow. Ufology expect to continue to look for traces of the UFO in the Volgograd region.


"UFO" Stones
Stone Discs in China
Added, 11-06-2007

Slawomir J.


Several disc-shaped stones found in the area of Shangrao, Jiangxi Province in China. Scientists say that the disks can be over 300 million years.

Wieslaw Lord, I analyzed images, ie .:

1. I do not know the natural phenomena that can generate the shape of the stone, stones resemble the German "tops" Viktor Schauberger
2. All objects have a similar shape, not natural. Generally, differences are from 20 to 50% in nature.
3. Nature knows no perfect symmetry, the objects retain it.
4. All objects look like they corroded outer shell. Similarly long lingering underground tank:-)
5. I do not believe that scientists have determined the correct age, method, eg. Carbon C14 is unreliable. The facilities are very old.

In summary, a long time ago before the Sumerian civilization goes back, someone had developed technology. The hypothesis of an advanced civilization, the colonization of land by an alien race, or civilization of the Gods is highly probable. The question to which we do not know an answer is, which version is true.

Disc-shaped stones found on landslide rocky terrain hitherto little frequented by people. On the odd burst find workers who prepare the ground for the local road. 

The diameter of the disk is over 1.5 m, a thickness of from 20 to 60 centimeters. Their weight is close to 1 ton. 

Engineer of Shangrao Coal Bureau (agecja for. Atoms) suggested that the stones can be dated back to the Paleolithic era between the Permian and Carboniferous, and so on approx. 300 million years. 

What may be surprising is the fact that the stones were arranged horizontally, and if not for the fact that their age is estimated at nearly 300 million years, it could be assumed that they were created by man. Found on top of the stones have a very hard shell. In the vicinity of a lack of stones, even with similar shape.

We managed to get more pictures - present them first.

Are there natural creation? About this decided by scientists ...

Prepared by: Hotnews

Source / authorship: EpochTimes,

Page prepared - Wieslaw Matucha

Somewhere in Algeria

These look like old mud encrusted tires. No further information is currently available.
Posted from Facebook with no text. Included for curiosity and matter of record.

Further down the road we see wreckage strewn all around.
The white tour vehicle in the center looks the same as the one in the top image. So are they tires? I was sent the image below. These are supposedly in the same area... but these look a lot more like the "UFO" stone concretions found around the world... and they are standing as well. Still seeking the source location. Originally Australia was assumed but this second image is from a tour guide site in Algerian Sahara.

Using image search I came across this one below also from the
Algerian Sahara. These ones are definitely stone. Location given from a tour site is Tamanrasset. Tamanrasset is an oasis city and capital of Tamanrasset Province in southern Algeria, in the Ahaggar Mountains. It is the chief city of the Algerian Tuareg.

Credit: Mobissimo Tours

Wind-eroded pinnacle of stone near Inakashaker (named after a kind of locally-found bush in Tuareg language), an area of beautifully eroded rock five hours drive SE of Tamanrasset, in the Tassili du Hoggar. Tamanrasset, Tamanrasset, Algeria
Author: George Steinmetz / ASA ©2009 George Steinmetz
A rare stone resembling a UFO is on display

A rare stone resembling a UFO is on display at the Fifth Liuzhou International Rare Stone Festival in Liuzhou, southern China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on October 11, 2008. The festival runs October 11-17. [Photo: Xinhuanet]
"Flying Saucer" shaped Moqui (Moki) Marbles Shaman Stone, Utah

Moqui marbles on a sandstone slope. Credit: Marjorie Chan, University of Utah

The spheres grew layer by layer, making contact with others nearby until many spheres became one large ball.
Credit: Marjorie Chan, University of Utah

Credit: Ed Cooley Fine Art Photography

Moqui Marbles Photo Gallery
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