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Giant Stone Balls
Giant Stone Balls
Diquis Delta Region, Costa Rica
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The Costa Rican Stone Balls Mystery
Posted by: Kiss Timea
Translated from Hungarian

The stone balls are at least 500 years old and were found in the 1930s in the Costa Rican jungle. The mysterious stone balls are regular geometric almost perfect spheres. These stone balls are today one of the archaeological mystery, because their time,  their purpose and origin unknown, but undoubtedly are of artificial origin. The approach adopted pursuant to the representatives of the Diquís culture made them extinct. Today, roughly 300 different sizes of stone balls found in the Delta-Diquís.

The stone balls range in size from a few centimeters diameter to 2.14 meters. The bigger ones weigh up to 15 tons. Some are gabbro granite, limestone, sandstone and granite materials as well. Their shape is perfectly spherical. One of them is engraved otherwise there are no signs or decorations. Interestingly, there was no such tools would make them. With more than 300  stone balls surely they are man made, but exactly who and for what purpose, and what tools where used to make the stone spheres, it is impossible to know.

As for the scientists to worry that a nearly perfect spherical geometric shapes these stones are formed by natural processes.  Decorations and engraved signs on the stones are not be found. The stones were found in the vicinity of these locations is not a means by which the ball had figures. The stone balls were discovered in the nineteenth century, but only in 1930 were scientific papers written.

SOURCE:  http://latogatok.hu/print.php?news.2818

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