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Caves of the East

The Caves of Virginia
 Luray Caverns
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
Luray Caverns Wishing Water. Credit: DECLAN MCCULLAGH PHOTOGRAPHY

Luray Caverns Home Page

The Caves of Virginia
 Butler Cave
Bath County, VA
Large Columns Butler's Cave. Credit Kevin Harris
Caves of Virginia:
  • Water Sinks in Highland County, VA
  • Helictite Cave, Highland County, VA
  • Chestnut Ridge in Bath County, VA
Caves of West Virginia:
  • Lewisburg, WV
  • Franklin, WV

The Caves of New York
Some pretty formations can still be found in a few well-protected New York caves. Credit: Kevin Harris

Some New York Caves:

  • Wurtsboro, NY, Shawangunk Cliffs
  • Ward-Gregory Cave in Clarksville
  • Knox Cave, Central New York
  • Kingston Quarry Cave, Southern New York
  • Ellenville Ice Caves, Southern New York
  • Watertown Caves, Northern NY
  • Adirondack Mountains Cave, Northern NY
  • Tug Hill Plateau Caves, Northern NY
  • Whetstone Gulf Cave, Northern NY
There is an area of solution caves near Wurtsboro, NY, at the southern edge of the line of hills that form the famous Shawangunk Cliffs. Some of these are quite extensive and well decorated. Credit: Kevin Harris
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