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..Existing Water Filled Sinkholes 

Blue Grotto is actually a sinkhole with good visibilty.  Depths reach 100 ft. Upon entering the sink you will encounter a very large cavern with writing on the walls. At a depth of 30 feet there is a fresh air bell so you can take off your mask and breath some fresh air.  Continuing down, there is a large shaft that slopes down at a 90 degree angle.  At around 90 feet you will encounter silt that can be easily stired up. There are lights at 30 ft to illuminate the cavern. The owner, is very friendly and also manufactures dive, wreck and video lights...

Source: http://underwaterflorida.homestead.com/grotto.html

The Blue Grotto, Florida 16-JAN-2006 Copyright 2003 by Philip Lewin. All rights reserved
The Blue Grotto, Florida 16-JAN-2006  Copyright 2003 by Philip Lewin. All rights reserved
Blue Grotto Springs Cavern by Gregg Carter
(Looking skyward at the mouth of the cavern from 35 feet down) (Jan 10, 2007, Williston, FL)
Safe Cave Diving is passion and an art. Cave Diving passion can be defined as a definiteness of purpose, knowledge of one's wants, and a burning desire to explore it. View some of Florida's caves and springs - home of the world's best  cave diving  ...

This is the undiscovered Florida.  A place where water and life begin from a source that bubbles up directly from the ground.  Florida Springs flow the purest, clearest, and freshest water in the world with underwater views that are absolutely breathtaking.  Ponce De Leon once thought Florida Springs were the "fountain of youth" when he first discovered them.  There are over 600 freshwater springs throughout central and northern Florida.

Some can be explored over 200 feet deep and over a mile underground.  Others can barely be seen with their small flow of water.  Some are deep in the woods and covered in dense forest.  Others are Florida state parks that are visited by thousands of people per day.  The average temperature of a Florida spring is 72 degrees year round which makes it excellent for scuba diving, cave diving, and snorkeling.  The springs are fed through Florida's natural underground aquifer (a river that runs beneath Florida) dumping millions of gallons of water daily.  The limestone rock filters the water making it crystal clear.  Listed are just some of the many springs that can be visited in Florida.  Each spring includes a description and directions how to get there.  Enjoy!



Cypress Springs
Emerald Spring
Gainer Springs group
Gator Spring
Merrit's Mill Pond
Morrison Springs
Pitt Spring
Ponce De Leon Springs
Shangri La Spring
Sullivan Springs
Vortex Springs
Wacissa River Springs
Wakulla Springs
Willford Spring
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Manatee Springs Entrance Hole
A first magnitude spring, over 100 million gallons of water gush forth daily at Manatee Springs. In winter, manatees swim upriver to spend the night in the warm waters of the headspring. Popular for snorkeling and scuba diving, the headwaters of the spring are also a great spot for swimming. The spring run forms a sparkling stream that meanders through hardwood wetlands to the Suwannee River - Manatee Springs State Park
Black Water Mixing with Clear
A unique aspect of the Florida black water rivers, particularly the Suwannee and its tributary, the Sante Fe River, is that these dark waters receive some of the clearest water in the world from the springs of the Florida aquifer. The mixing zone of this crystal-clear water with the tannin-stained water of the rivers looks fairly unusual from underwater, as shown in the picture below. - NASA
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