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For many years several of the members of Pegasus Research Consortium have been studying UFO's and related subjects. Some of the better cases will be presented here over the next few years. Works have been collected from a variety of sources and chosen for what we think are good cases, though we make no claims as to the authenticity of the reports. The evidence is presented here for non profit educational use and its up to the reader to draw their own conclusions.

With the proliferation of similar case study sites on the internet it is not always possible to know the exact source of any information other than those reports presented to us directly. Every effort has been made to ensure proper source and credits where due, but if you see any work here that is incorrectly credited please contact the webmaster and we will correct credits or remove any material as deemed necessary.

There are many documents, PDF files and video clips throughout our various sites. Most of the material we pick is grouped into specific interest areas so be sure to check them all. They are all accessible from our home menu.

Many articles on Aliens and UFO related material can be found throughout the Pegasus site, mainly under the contributors sections who posted them. The ones included in this section are older and new reports of interest that are not under an individual poster, though some have been cross referenced, so be sure to browse all the Pegasus categories...

There are many members of Pegasus that do their own research and contribute their work to us and other websites. Check out their sections as well

John Lear
Lunar Bases, Mines, and Cities Explored
Alternate Theories on Atmosphere and Gravity
Help Us Unravel the Secrets of the Moon
Important Message to ATS members from John Lear 
Email:John Lear

Jkrog's UFO Files
Threads Created at ATS - List and Links
Collection and Reports of 'Best Case' UFO cases
Jkrog was going to be a driving force in Pegasus, but passed away unexpectedly. He will be greatly missed.
ATS Member and Friend jkrog08

Karl12's UFO Collection
Threads Created at ATS - List and Links
Collection and Reports of 'Best Case' UFO cases
Karl12 Joins us as Pegasus as one of our UFO research team.  He has done extensive work with over 300 active threads.

Skyfloating's UFO Collection
USO and UFO research plus several other interesting topics. Skyfloating has granted us permission to post some of his works

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Affiliated Organizations (Occasional contributors)


Ancient UFO's


Bases and Anomalies on the Moon: See Also:


Black Triangles: Eye Witness Reports: Air Force Black Triangles:

Crashes and Recoveries:

Crop Circles
  • NOTE: There are many websites covering all aspects of crop circles. While they are fantastic art it is my personal opinion that they are man made. Until I can see some real evidence that they are made by Aliens I will hold that thought. It has been suggested that some circles are made using the beam weapons we have in space. This is something I actually do have some evidence for.  If any member or contributor to Pegasus wishes to add any Crop Circle related material we will gladly add it.
  • Circle Makers Org - [O.L.]
  • Crop Circles - Man Made - The evidence and the confessions - [Missing page]
  • UFOs Making Crop Circles


Girls of Sci Fi Shows

Meetings, Treaties and Laws

Member Articles:

Mistaken for UFO's


Official Documents:
  • Military Documents
    • Aug 14, 1947 - Commanding Officer of Muroc Army Air Base had seen flying saucers...
    • Aug 19, 1947 - Letter - Alaska Communication System Station at Bethel, Alaska
    • Aug 20, 1947 - Special Agent in Charge, FBI, U. S. Department of Justice...
    • Aug 27, 1947 - Weekly Intelligence Summary, Air Transport Command, Washington, D.C
    • Sep  23, 1947 - Lt. General Nathan Twining's letter to Brig. General Schulgen
    • Oct  28, 1947 - Intelligence Requirements on Flying Saucer Type Aircraft
    • Nov 10, 1947 - German aircraft specialists & test pilots who might have some knowledge of similar aircraft
    • Dec 16, 1947 - Subject:  Horton Brothers (Flying Saucers)
  • The Real FBI X Files:
    • X-Files Declassified FBI Flying Disk Files - (See PDF Archive)
    • - X-File 01 - X-File 02 - X-File 03 - X-File 04 - X-File 05 - X-File 06
    • - X-File 07 - X-File 08 - X-File 09 - X-File 10 - X-File 11
Note: See also under Disclosure: Government Sources


Resources and Archives:


1954 - Steve DeLancy, USNR-R, Navy Carrier Strike Fighter Pilot
2005 - Chicago Illinois - Object over City - More Coming Soon

See Also: Black Triangles: Eye Witness Reports:

UFO Technical Articles:

Underground Bases

Unsubstantiated Stories

Other Sites of Interest:

PDF Files:

Photo Galleries:

Video Files:
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